What makes WordPress the perfect choice for web development today?

What makes WordPress the perfect choice for web development today?

Author: CSSChopper

Date: January 20, 2021 

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When it comes to building a website, entrepreneurs often look for reliable platforms through which a robust website can be built. Continuously for the 11th year in a row, WordPress is recognized as the position of fastest growing CMS platform. It is WordPress’s astonishing performance that makes it the best among its competitors.

WordPress was introduced in 2003 as a Content Management Platform. Over a period of time, its added plugins and extensions made this platform suitable for building various types of websites.   

According to the latest research, WordPress constitutes 39.5% of websites. It’s a commendable growth that WordPress has shown. The reason behind this is its unique features and timely updates. 

Entrepreneurs need no special knowledge of coding to build a website on this platform. WordPress has a built-in range of themes and plugins through which visually appealing and user-friendly websites can be built with ease. Entrepreneurs also hire a professional wordpress developer to build technically robust WordPress websites. Below we are discussing some of the engrossing features of WordPress.

Engrossing benefits of choosing WordPress

  • Open-source platform

WordPress is an open-source platform through which sturdy websites can be built. It is handy in use through which various categories of websites can be built with ease. Either you want to develop a commercial website, personal blog, heavy governmental website, or a successful eCommerce website, all can be built easily using WordPress.

To build a website on this platform, no special knowledge of coding is required. By simple installation and customization of the plugin, entrepreneurs can build powerful websites for their businesses.

  • SEO friendly

Every business owner aspires to show their website in top searches. Websites built through the WordPress platform are always ranked higher in Google search engines than other websites.

WordPress websites are SEO friendly and help business owners to get more traffic to their websites. They can also consult a dedicated wordpress development company to build an SEO friendly website for their business. 

  • Offers customization

Customization is important for the appealing look of the website. The entrepreneurs can take the help of WordPress developers to customize the themes according to their business needs.  

WordPress offers full-customization options through which you can add more features and complexities to your customized website. 

  • In-built plugins and themes

WordPress offers thousands of in-built themes and plugins. The business owners can choose these according to their needs. These themes and plugins are available both in the free and paid versions of WordPress. If entrepreneurs wish to create a unique look then they can also make changes to them. 

Business owners can easily install these themes and plugins to add features to their websites. One of its famous plugins is WooCommerce that turns a simple WordPress website into an eCommerce website.

  • Cost-effective platform

The WordPress software is free and handy in use. Business owners can simply install WordPress and use this platform to build a website. If entrepreneurs want a robust website then they can choose the paid plan to enhance the look of the website.

The paid version of WordPress is not expensive if we compare it with the offered benefits and features. In the paid version, a large range of the latest themes and plugins are available through which you can give a completely new look to your website. Apart from this, the maintenance of WordPress websites is also easy. 

Final words

We have seen the reasons that make WordPress the first choice among its competitors. The companies trust this platform because WordPress is the reason behind their success. Business owners can also take the help of web developers to build a robust website. With proper research, they can finalize the team of WordPress developers who can build a technically powerful website according to their business needs.

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