What Type of Hosting for WordPress Should You Go For?

What Type of Hosting for WordPress Should You Go For?

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Date: June 27, 2020 

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It can be difficult to find the right host for your website, but adding WordPress to your list of considerations can make it even more challenging. Whether you are working on your first WordPress site or are just finishing number #100, you need a hosting platform that is going to meet your needs. That is why we are going to tell you about the different hosting options that you have available and also tell you more about them.

Shared Hosting

Most people who start building a website tend to start with Shared Hosting. It is quick to get started with, it is cheap to use, and it is simple – what more could you want? Shared hosting means that you are sharing your server space with many other websites. It means that you are sharing the bandwidth, the processor speed, the memory, and hard drive space. If one of the websites on the server is using up excessive resources, it could slow the rest of the websites down considerably.

Shared hosting also means that you do not have root level access (usually) and cannot adjust your server settings. While you might not be ready to make those changes as a beginner, they are undoubtedly something that you want to do eventually if your website continues to develop.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

With a VPS, you do not have a dedicated server, but you shared the resources of a dedicated server with a few other ‘members’. You might want to know what the difference is between a VPS and Shared Hosting – the primary difference is that while Shared Hosting can have as many customers as they can possibly fit on the server, VPS does not have that many different customers. This is why VPS accounts are more expensive, there are a limited number of customers. This means that you are guaranteed a specific partition of the resources, and you have a basic idea of what you have available.

You might be able to run scripts and you might also have root access. Finally, VPS does not have the same security flaws that Shared Hosting has. This means that VPS is a better option if you are becoming more serious about your Internet presence.

Dedicated Server

This means that all the resources are yours, you can rent/lease/purchase the machine from a data center or own and maintain your own machine. Often you are able to run your own scripts (after all, you are paying for the server) and you typically have root level access. Security is also entirely up to you with this option, you decide what is possible on your website. Add in the fact that you can tweak any server setting you want, and it should be obvious that this is the type of option that you want if you have the need for a massive, flexible web presence.


Essentially it depends on a number of different factors that what WordPress hosting type should you purchase– most importantly what your needs are going to be. Are you worried about website security? Are you going to need to run scripts? Do you need root access? You should be able to make a far more informed choice after reading these suggestions.

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