Why WordPress takes the lead when compared to Squarespace

Why WordPress takes the lead when compared to Squarespace

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Date: September 15, 2020 

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wprssaggregator Why WordPress takes the lead when compared to Squarespace

If you are planning to create your website, you must be looking for the right platform. The majority of people feel confused when it comes to the choice of the web development platform. They are often puzzled when they have to choose between WordPress or Squarespace. Let us ease your confusion. You should always prefer WordPress over Squarespace. There are various reasons behind that. We will be discussing a few of them in this article. So let’s get into the details.

Why prefer WordPress over Squarespace? 

Both Squarespace and WordPress are launched for web development. However, they are very different from one another. Over 27% of all the websites on the internet are developed using the website. Whereas, over 1.2 million of the websites are created using Squarespace. If we discuss WordPress, we get to learn that this platform offers both hosted and self-hosted options. On the other hand, Squarespace only offers a hosted version. So, let’s get into the details of why WordPress is better than Squarespace.

  1. WordPress is available for free to download:

Software for WordPress is available as open source. It is completely free to be download and used on a server or web host of the developer’s desire. However, Squarespace isn’t as flexible. To use this platform you strictly have to stick to the hosting offered by Squarespace servers.

  1. Websites built on software: 

“WordPress owns a GPL 2.0 license. This indicates the web developer can easily make changes to the codes that suit his website’s requirements” says Alex Reynolds of EMUCoupon –a website that promotes digital coupons. “Being open-source, allows you to share the changes you have made with others“Julia explains.

Squarespace doesn’t have any such license. You cannot reverse engineer the code or platform if your website is built upon Squarespace.

  1. Freedom to edit code to your desire: 

WordPress enables you to edit the platform to its core. This way you can create your own Content Management System (CMS), all because of the GPL. It also allows you to edit WordPress plug-in and themes which enables you to extend your website capabilities.

Squarespace, on the other hand, limits you in the number of changes you can make. It isn’t as flexible as WordPress.

  1. Extensive plug-in features:  

WordPress takes pride in having the widest repository of plug-ins. it has over 57,000 plug-ins. These plug-ins extend the capabilities that the core software offers. You can practically add any feature you desire to your website by using the available plug-ins. These capabilities can be anything from SEO to contact forms and eCommerce.

On the other hand, when it comes to Squarespace, you get exactly what you see just like their visual editor.

  1. Freedom to create unlimited networks and websites: 

WordPress isn’t limited to how many times you can install it. It gives you the freedom to create as many websites or networks as you can. That’s because the hosting plan available provides you the access to a wide range of resources for free.

On the other hand, when you sign up for Squarespace, you limit yourself to the development of only one website. Its premium plan doesn’t cover the cost of development for more than one website. To create another website with Squarespace, you need to subscribe to another premium subscription.

  1. Copyright content cannot be stolen: 

WordPress doesn’t use any part of your website without your consent and for free. However, when it comes to Squarespace, it can use any part of your website for advertising. It doesn’t matter to them whether your content is copyrighted. When you create your website with Squarespace you consent the platform to use your content for its own marketing purpose that too for free. This means this platform won’t ask for your permission before publishing your content. You will not get a royalty check or anything else in return.

  1. WordPress doesn’t pull features without notice: 

The core of WordPress gets updated on a regular basis. This platform keeps on adding new features and security updates. However, it maintains transparency for which it has a system in place. This way it keeps you informed with whatever that happens. From updates to debugging and omission, you get to know it all.

On the contrary, Squarespace can remove or discontinue any feature, anytime without informing the user.

  1. Free eCommerce transaction: 

If you want to turn your WordPress website into an eCommerce platform, you can do it all with the help of a plugin. WordPress offers you a variety of options to make that happen for example WooCommerce. It also makes coupon marketing easier as you can launch redeemable coupon offers like EMUCoupon.com

Squarespace, on the other hand, makes you pay a transaction fee on each of your purchases as long as you don’t upgrade your plan. You can get more details on the Squarespace pricing page.

  1. Unlimited server resources: 

 When it comes to WordPress, it isn’t mandatory for you to host your WordPress website on its servers. You can choose where to host your site. However, that isn’t the case with Squarespace. While using this platform, you have to use Squarespace servers to host your website. This means you can't scale your website when your business grows.

Squarespace does false advertising about its plans having unlimited bandwidth. However, if you go through the fine print on their pricing page, you get to know that every service is limited to normal usage.

  1. Trusted by top companies:

The majority of the high-profile companies trust WordPress for website development including The New York Times, LinkedIn, PlayStation, CNN, Walt Disney, NGINX, Flickr, Time Inc, cPanel, and more.

However, you will only find the logos of small businesses on the Squarespace homepage.

  1. Complete SSL and HTTPS control: 

When you install an SSL certificate to your website, it adds an https prefix to your domain in the browser’s address bar. It encrypts the connection between your website and the browser your site’s visitor is using. This encryption prevents hackers from breaching into your website. Startups must know about cybersecurity and create their website on WordPress to secure it to the core.

When you develop your website on Squarespace it automatically issues you an SSL certificate. However, you don’t get to choose the type of certificate or the certificate authority.

Wrapping up:

There are two main platforms people use when it comes to website development including, WordPress and Squarespace. Both of these platforms are exceptional in their properties, however, WordPress takes the lead. It offers big data substitute for human experienceFrom a plethora of features to excellent security, WordPress offers the best in all you need to create a fully functional website.

Why WordPress takes the lead when compared to Squarespace

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