WordCamp US 2018 Contributor Day

Author: WordPress.org

Date: December 12, 2018 

Category: Make WordPress Training

The Training team made a lot of progress at Contributor Day this weekend. We on-boarded several new members, completed several Trello Cards, and collaborated with the Design and Marketing teams to develop the plan for our front-end lesson plan site.

WordCamp US 2018 Contributor Day. Image Credit @harryjackson1221 Call for Your Comments

One of the largest-scope discussions involved the development of our WordPress.org front-end site. Currently, our dedicated URL is learn.wordpress.org, but a proposal was made to change to teach.wordpress.org.

The reasoning behind the proposal is that our content is in fact focused on how to teach WordPress topics, rather than learning.

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WordCamp US 2018 Contributor Day 1

WordCamp US 2018 Contributor Day 2

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