WordPress Chatbots: How to Create Them and Why

WordPress Chatbots: How to Create Them and Why

Author: Alex

Date: January 26, 2021 

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No matter how intuitive your website is, your audience will always have questions. A timely response is one of the most important elements of a good user experience. Customer’s queries should be answered as quickly as possible.

However, your customer support team isn’t always available to address the audience’s concerns. Some of these queries are fairly simple and don’t require much technical knowledge. However, if not answered on time, they can cause you to lose on conversion opportunities. That’s where WordPress chatbots help.

Today almost every website is incorporated with a chatbot. Chatbot technology is a platform that can address basic visitor’s concerns through text. This may seem like a complex task, but adding chatbots to your WordPress website is fairly easy. All you need is the right tools.

In this article, we are going to discuss how chatbot enhances your website and how to incorporate them into a WordPress website.

How chatbots are integrated into a website

Creating a chatbot for your website is similar to creating a bot for any other application. First of all, you need to define a use case. Once that’s done, you need to weave a conversation strategy around the defined use case. There are various examples of a use cause. Let’s take “lead generation” as an example. Online store owners can leverage website chatbots to improve their user experience and assist users in navigation and accessing information.

  • Tools

Various tools can be used to develop a chatbot using scripts and programmed conversation diagrams. These bots can be trained with the help of the questions and answers function. Your end goal decides the time and the money to be invested in creating a chatbot. Your goals can be anything from creating a simple chatbot to developing a strong conversation solution.

  • Creating conversation scripts:

Creating scripts is easy. All you need to do is to navigate to Scripts> Create Scripts. This will allow you to create a flow chart very easily. You can also include all those components you want with ease. You can navigate to Database> answers to train your chatbot with questions and answers.

  • Chatbot configuration:

You can fortify your bot with everything including the answers, skills, options, and more. Once that’s done, you can install this bot on your WordPress website. However, make sure the bot has been previously configured. To configure the bot, you need to navigate to Settings > General.

Here, you can select the name for the bot and the initial message that appears when someone visits your website. You need to select and install the Initial Component, be it script or command to WordPress.

How to install a bot to a WordPress website

You can install Chatbot to any WordPress website using the following steps:

  1. Chatbot plugins download:

You need to navigate to Install>Web for downloading the Chatbot plugin. Once you are there, you need to find the “this plugin” option and click it. A compressed file will automatically start to download. You need to upload this file to your website.

  1. Plugin installation on the website:

Open your WordPress website and go to the plugin section. You will come across an “add new” option. Click it to find the “upload plugin” option and press the button. Go to the “select file” option and upload the downloaded file. Once it is uploaded, you need to press the “install now” button.

  1. Plugin activation:

Once the plugin has been installed, it is time to activate it. Find the “activate plugin” button and click it. However, if that doesn’t work, you need to try another way to activate it. Navigate to Plugins> Installed Plugins and find the Chatbot plugin in the panel. Here you will come across the “activate or deactivate the plugin” option. Activate the plugin to make it work.

  1. Plugin ID data entry:

The plugin settings will ask you to provide your Chatbot ID. Your ID is the name of your chatbot. It appears on the upper left corner of the Chatbot panel. Copy and paste it to the text box and save the changes.

Once that’s done the chatbot will automatically start to appear on your WordPress website.

Benefits of incorporating chatbots into your WordPress website

There are various ways a chatbot boost your WordPress website. Some of them include:

  • Visitor’s engagement:

Chatbots ensure that the visitors don’t have to wait to get their queries answered. There is a variety of ways in which a Chabot can effectively interact and engage users. It can display attractive images, stickers, and GIFs and suggest YouTube videos to increase visitor engagement.

  • Boost conversions through customization:

Sometimes, customers find it hard to search for the products they want. They often end up in the wrong sections while looking for their desired item. Chatbots ensure that these customers find their desired product in a matter of seconds. They can simply define what they want to the chatbot. The bot will ask some questions like brand name, color, and size of the product. It will then redirect the user to their desired product page.

  • Boost newsletter subscriptions:

Chatbots also serves as a great marketing tool for businesses. They can expand their email list or newsletter subscribers. Chatbots ask the website visitors whether they want to sign up for the newsletter to receive promo offers. It collects their contact details and sends them to your archives. This way the user gets an email every time you introduce a new offer.

  • Acquiring more customer information:

Customers’ feedback is exceptionally valuable for a business. It offers important insight into the overall performance of the company. With chatbots, you can gather customer feedback without designing lengthy surveys that users won’t fill out anyway. You can add choice-based questions that users can answer easily by pressing a button.

Wrapping up

AI technology has taken over the world by storm. Today, chatbots have become a necessity for every website. They are extremely easy to be added to a WordPress website. All you need to do is to follow four simple steps. They offer a plethora of benefits to the business website they are added to. They boost visitor engagement, increase conversion rates and newsletter subscriptions. They also collect customer feedback that helps businesses in improving the user experience.

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