WP With Me YouTube Channel

WP With Me YouTube Channel

Author: WP With Me

Date: January 24, 2020 

Category: YouTube Channel

The Beginners Intro: WordPress Gutenberg Formatting Blocks
We are back once again to improve your skills in the Gutenberg Block Editor. Today we are focusing on formatting blocks. The format of how your webpage or blog looks, is determined on what you want to display on your page or post.

For example, say you are teaching someone how to write a program, you would most likely use a code block. We go over every formatting block available in the default Gutenberg editor.

We also discuss a structure and how to incorporate a daily way of doing things to make using WordPress easier as you continue learning.

Here at WordPress with Me, I want you to join in with the concept of learning things slowly over time. On this channel, I don't information dump, because no one learns anything that way. Whether its WordPress, the Gutenberg Editor or understanding blocks and plugins, learning comes with repetition and taking away just one nugget at a time and learning that one thing well before you move on.

So I hope you enjoy the video and use what you learn daily to one day help someone else understand. I offer a clear path to establishing confidence and skill to build unique and beautiful websites, using blocks and the WordPress Gutenberg Editor

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WP With Me YouTube Channel

WP With Me YouTube Channel

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