Top tools that would help you find out duplicate content.



Do you know when your website becomes successful and gets ranked on the top of SERPs? Well, the success of every website and blog depends on the quality of content. To rank your content on the top shelves and get a positive seo score, you have to ensure that you publish content that is free of plagiarism. The duplicate content problem has increased a lot since the last many years, and it has affected many credible websites.

Your website will benefit from the uniqueness of your content. If you have unique content, especially if it is related to SEO, your article will be easy to penetrate on the first SERP page. If you have any doubts, please test whether what I said is true.

The main issue in duplication is that both of the parties suffer because of it. If someone plagiarizes content from your website, you will face the same negative consequences as the duplicator. For this reason, checking for duplicate content has become a religious practice for content writers and website owners.

In this short traction, you will find out the detailed tips and tools that would help you check and screen out duplication from your content.


Top tools that would help you find out duplicate content!

Out of hundreds of online plagiarism checker tools, we have shortlisted the most reliable ones for you guys!

The PlagiarismDetector is a very reputable website that can help you screen out 100%  duplication from your input content. This online plagiarism checker free has endless features that you should know about. The options that make it different and more reliable from other scanners are mentioned below:

  1. No adware
  2. Deep search feature powered by AI!
  3. Accurate reports with complete details about duplication.
  4. 24/7 customer support.
  5. Multiple file support for input.
  6. Easy to use services and an understandable interface.
  7. Data safety.
  8. The latest technology provides complete efficiency.
  9. Ability to check up to 25K words for free!

To get this plagiarism checker’s services, you have to sign up for an account with it.


Grammarly Online Plagiarism checker

Grammarly is no doubt a known brand in the world of digital marketing. You must know that this tool is also high in demand for its reliable services. Grammarly provides free services for finding and fixing all sorts of human errors in the textual content. The paid feature of Grammarly comes with a plagiarism checker option. This can be used to find all sorts of plagiarism from the content. The online plagiarism checker by Grammarly offers you detailed results using which you can easily rephrase the duplicate content.

Grammica Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism checker is a simple online plagiarism detector that detects duplicate content. However, it is specifically designed for college students who want to confirm the accuracy of their academic work. Grammica Plagiarism checker could be a simple tool with a standard text box that allows you to analyze 1,000 words of text per search. You will also transfer a file or enter an address to check for plagiarism on a specific website.

When you click the Plagiarism button, it takes you to the results page and displays a donut chart with the percentage of plagiarized vs. unique content. It will also highlight the text in your work where it discovered similar content, and you will click on the link to investigate it from the location.


Duplichecker is another renowned website that is used for plagiarism checking. One should know that this plagiarism checker is among the top-rated tools available on the internet. You can use the free version of the tool to check words that are less than the limited 50K query. If you have a greater number of words that need to be checked for plagiarism, you need to connect with the paid packages of duplichecker. You can copy/paste content or upload complete files to check plagiarism with complete accuracy. Duplichecker provides complete plagiarism reports using which you can authenticate your work.



The fourth plagiarism scanner in our list belongs to Copyscape. This website tool is among the most famous and oldest tools in the league of plagiarism scanners. The most commonly used way of checking plagiarism with Copyscape is by entering the URL of the website you want to scan. The tool can scan the website from the first to the very last phrase and tell you whether anyone is stealing from your site and using your content without your authorization or giving credits. The tool provides detailed reports about the originality of the content on your website.


This is another duplicate checking service. This is also among the free plagiarism checker tools on the web. The free version of this plagiarism checker comes with limited options and restricted queries. If you want to check more words than the limited ratio, you can easily get along with a tool’s paid package. Overall, this is a reliable plagiarism checker tool that you can trust for checking your website for duplicate content!


The plagiarism checker tool by smallseotools is among the best freemium tools available on the internet. This plagiarism scanner offers infinite services to its users. The duplicate content checker by smallseotools is based online so that you can use it on any browser and any operating system. You have to navigate the tool on your browser and input the content that you need to check. You can enter raw text, complete files, and search via the URL of the site. It is known to be the best service for finding plagiarism on websites. The plagiarism reports offered by this site are quite extensive because this tool compares your work with more than ten billion web pages!

Tips to avoid duplicate content!


Follow these tips to avoid plagiarism:

  • Always cite the right sources that you have used as a reference.
  • Always use quotation marks to state the idea or content of another author.
  • Pick a reliable plagiarism checker for your help.
  • Practice the technique of paraphrasing or start using an online spinner tool!


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